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Minecraft.net accounts



So as an early X-mas present I got my son the Java version yesterday so he could join me on the community Perfectly complex server I play on with some friends. 

After some digging today I found that we are 10 days past the forced Microsoft account situation and the copy I bought him seems to be unable to launch the technic with the MS account credentials. 

He is pretty bummed as am I, we enjoy playing together but he's watched me take plastic out of trees to build elevators and of course wants to join in, was excited to buy this version for him. 

It seems Microsoft will be doing this to everyone in Q1 2021, so is it possible that there will be a workaround in the relatively near future?

Likewise, if they don't give access to 3rd party mods is there a plan to make the mods available without the need of a launcher?

Love the Perfectly Complex pack, been playing Minecraft since alpha in 2009 and this pack has me discovering new things constantly, really fun. 

Thanks for any help anyone can give!

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