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Can't sign into Technic Launcher with new account



Hello, I recently purchased a new minecraft account for the Java edition of minecraft. Brand new profile, however i purchased it on the minecraft site through my Microsoft account. Technically, this is not recognized as a Mojang account, as the only way for me to sign into my account on their site or the launcher is by hitting that "Sign in through Microsoft" button. When trying to sign into the Technic Launcher, the only option is to use a Mojang account email and password, and when i put in my minecraft account username and password or my microsoft login, neither work. I spent hours looking online for a way to resolve this, and the only advice i found was to verify my email directly on the minecraft site. Upon trying to, I found there was no button to do so. No option, because I had signed in through my microsoft account, and my email is verified for that. With no verify email button, I can't receive password reset emails for the minecraft account so I can't change it and try again. Any advice at all on how I can fix this would be extremely helpful, I just wanna play some modded minecraft.

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