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every mobpack is gone except for base 6? and those need to be installed again?????



hello, so i just woke up and created an account for this bug. as far as i know, no one has messed with the launcher except to, yknow, play it. so when i launched it this morning, every single modpack was gone except for the base 6 (vanilla, b-team, etc) and i had to reinstall those too. the only thing that was kept was me being logged in. it was like someone pressed hard reset on my launcher. after installing and looking at vanilla, nothings gone, no servers or worlds. with high hopes, i reinstalled aminity (my sisters favorite. i know shed be pissed if it was gone) and...it crashes. so i get complex pixelmon instead. it asks me if i want to update it, which makes me think this is some sort of graphical bug, not a data one, as in all the data is kept, but theyre uninstalled. after launching it, thank the gods all my worlds are there, meaning i just have to reinstall everything and dont have to face the wrath of my sister. however, im reporting this because i dont want it to happen to anyone else in casee they dont realize everythings fine, just a bit annoying, or if it gets worse.

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"Download" the modpacks again. The files are still there, but the internal list the launcher keeps was corrupted. Downloading it again will make the launcher add it to the list again and see that the files are still there.

Alternatively you can take a screenshot of your modpack directory showing the full names of all the folders. I'll give you a file with the modpack list fixed.

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