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[N/A] My technic plaform hates 64 bit but can agree with 32 bit



Hello! First post, so i'm not sure if this is the right topic and the title is kind of off to how i'm going to explain things. 

So i can happily install the 64bit java easily without problem. The problem runs in the game itself? Let me explain.

-While using 64-bit and i launch a game the entities just don't work there stretched for a mile, on any of the ram space i give it, mainly 4 and less because the games say they don't need any more.
-While if i use 32 bit, they run fairly well, of course there's lag because i don't have enough space for the game to run without some lag and chuck errors and what not, but i can still at least see my player and other entities. 

I'm not sure why this happens and i'm not tech savvy so i was hoping to get some help on why this happens. If this is against anything let me know and ill head to reddit to get some nerds to help me out. X3 i can aldo post some photos if that is needed :3

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