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Voltz contraptions thread!


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Proud of your first fission reactor? Want to show off a conveyor belt system? Feel the need to share your amazing railgun based line of defense? Come here and share it, like anything made in Voltz, and discuss it with others!

Don't forget to include some screenshots!

Now, to start off, I'll go ahead and show my first actually functioning fusion reactor. It even actually makes energy! Ah, the wonders of plasma.


You can appreciate in the upper right a failed prototype.


All this delicious ionizing plasma... The sight of all these turbines rolling is heartwarming.


1,21 gigawatts doc? No big deal, my fusion reactor will make that in no time.

Post, share, discuss, screenshot!

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(the thing on the left was my first... attempt.)

fills up a bat.box in 20 seconds so, i assume it is 200 kilowatt output. but it is 645 kilowatt according to multimeter


I didn't even know one could extend the plasma ring further, or at least, I didn't risk it. Damn, all those turbines! Kudos.

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