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Any help???


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I've been trying forever to find a fossils and archeology modpack with a dedicated server but so very very few such packs exist anymore since Microsoft bought up mojang and in turn minecraft. I say this because of the rapid flow of updates killed a lot of mods/modpacks, though while the F/A mod is still in development for 1.16, Covid19 severely slowed things down (and many servers likewise died due to lack of revenue), the best example being the ARK Survival Craft modpack, which was my go-to pack back in the day. Are there ANY servers left I dont know about? If so what modpack specifically do they run as while most f/a modpacks run many similar mods the best ones often ran F/A with Tinkers, chisels, extra utils and other very helpful mods which worked well with the purpose of creating gorgeous areas to contain prehistoric animals and help keep them contained in addition to the collection of vital resources for both it, and other mods which support the main purpose of the pack (ones like mechanism or project red for example).

I currently only know of a couple, one beng Piggy's F/A but that pack is very lackluster as that pack is ment to be a substitute for the F/A team's own server until the next update and then there was one other but voting is disabled on that server because somehow it broke the server at one point. 

Any help finding others would be appreciated. 

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