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  1. If you are using Hamachi, Im guessing there could be 2 factors: - The server is run on its own without the use of toggling to Lan from singleplayer. (Not a real server, but an internal MC host). Make sure technic has atleast 2+ gigs of Ram. To do this, you go into the launcher at the top right, click the 3 lines. and goto Java settings. make sure you crank the default up to 2GB or 3. I allocate 6 for mine. - The server is run on its own without the use of Toggling Lan in singleplayer. (Making a file on your PC specifically for the server to run out of int he background while you play) Make sure you created a Batch file that has atleast 6GB of Ram for the server to run smoothly, and isn't taking up too much bandwidth/resources for the server to function. If the issue persists, than I have to ask about your build, if you have a DDR3 system or DDR4. And if you have ever scanned your PC for malware/viruses.
  2. In my past experiences, I logged into technic and had it remember my login for the remainder of time. I didn't have internet for a few months at one point and it let me launch in offline until I launched 2 technic applications; at which point made me login for too many login instances. You wouldn't be able to download any modpacks in offline, but you can play the ones already installed
  3. Yo so, Im gonna let you know. I suggest pasteing the logs in a paste.bin So the forum thread isnt enlarged like this. Also reading logs and reports in pastebin is easier for all of us.
  4. I recommend getting OpenJDK Base. It plugs into Java and helps with resource consumption. Makes Java applications like Minecraft run smoother
  5. Its a cross between the NES or the Sega Saturn for me man. Been collecting Nintendo consoles since I've been getting them for my Birthday, so I got every gen including the Gameboy Color, SP, Gamecube, and N64.
  6. Im sorry man. You missed the Golden age of Crafting dead by a year and a half. It was so much better back then before Microsoft had people migrate their accounts, and before the staff on the official servers began abusing their powers (Still got a video of a Moderator killing people in vanish), and the people who donated just to Pay to Win on the servers.
  7. That error is caused by the modpack author not setting up the download for the modpack correctly, or it was deleted by the modpack author. this isn't an issue with you, (unless your firewall isnt allowing the public access). If it however continues witht he same message for EVERY pack, then there is definently an issue, and you should look at your firewall and give it public access.
  8. uhh kinda late to reply. but just reading the entire paragraph from Joe really got me heated. So I'm just gonna list a few things. 1. Holy crap your grammar is terrible... 2. A Phone that can fit in your pocket cannot come NEAR to being able to out perform a PC (unless it was a chromebook/10 year old pc) in any capacity. It doesn't have the resources to do it. (at least not for another 5-10 years) 3. People learning to code a new language for a platform they don't really see befitting for most mods would be VERY difficult. 4. Forge, Fabric, etc. ONLY support PC versions of MC. 5. Tell me the syntax code and DN software they used. 6. Nobody really cares about the phone platform of gaming other than the cash grab Ad games. 7. PC emulator, Changing code, and optimizing would have taken him atleast a week if not more to do that with every mod. 8. You aren't entitled to squat 9. Have a wonderful day
  9. As a Modpack creator. I too have had my issues with this. When it did happen It was always because I forgot some files. I looked at your dropbox and looked at what you had. I downloaded your pack and put it in a clean 1.12.2 Forge Install. Took a look at console, such and such. In the console logs of technic, When I launched your pack it recognized you had mods. But it didn't load any of them until I got a fresh forge install Configs for the mods at the moment flagged the console MANY time upon startup with errors, about potentially dangerous item naming. You may want to change some item ID's around. I know the forge issue wasn't my fault because I deleted the clean 1.12.2 and replaced it with your modpack.jar itself. So I guess in essence.. Reinstall forge? and if that doesnt work, hell I'll just zip this entire thing and send it to you cuz I just killed a dragon and witnessed a tornado
  10. Be sure you have Java 8 64bit. It does make a difference. Regular Java does not work in the same way as Java 8. Link can be found here: https://www.java.com/en/download/manual.jsp It MUST be the one on the bottom of the windows selection. IF you are unable to. It IS however possible your PC has only 2GB of ram. Type "About your PC" in the search bar of Windows to check this
  11. Well, a few forgotten games I know not a lot of people know of is Chip's Challenge, Mordoe: The Depths of Dejenol, SimEarth, SimCity2000, & Winrisk
  12. What are all the mods you have at the moment? it's possible some are being overwritten. And if not, it could be a world generation issue.
  13. Im not a forum admin, but I'd like to know what it says when you try to login?
  14. I am a Computer Repair Specialist. My recommendations at this time may be a little lack luster since this is a price vs. quality build. One that will last a long time for money spent. This Build list is a BUDGET build, but it can still run Battlefield, Warzone, MC Optifine CUDA Shaders at high quality. (prices may vary depending on area. Do NOT get PC parts from amazon. Get them from newegg.com) Motherboard: ASRock B450M/AC - $85.99 CPU: AMD Ryzen 7 3700x - $309.99 GPU - GTX 970 - High Price atm. PowerSupply: Thermaltake Smart BX1 750W - $75.99 Memory: G.Skill Trident 32gig - $189.99 Storage: 500gb SSD (Bootdrive or M.2) 2TB HDD - Prices Vary and Change Cooling: Thermaltake TH120 ARGB - $75.99 Case: LIAN LI PC-O11 Dynamic - $159.99 Thermalpaste: Corsair brand - Prices Vary and Change The case can be reused over and over, and it's aluminum so it's heat wont be trapped by steel like most cases. It IS a more expensive case but you wont thermal throttle from overheating because of it. These parts are NOT the greatest, but for their prices they get the job done REALLY WELL. The GPU is one I also use at this time. And I can run Escape From Tarkov without lag, and run a modpack I created at 190fps. Again. BUDGET build
  15. All information on the topic can be found here. Goto page 4 in the thread for information on how you can play from a microsoft account instead of Mojang
  16. I'm not quite sure about this. But It happened to me a couple years ago and it panned itself out. Have you tried the credentials on the regular MC launcher? and if not, maybe try changing your password because phishing bots for MC exist and will steal your account.
  17. Couple fixxes. If you have a more updated Java 8, than you will have better frames. Ask him to installed the latest Java 64-bit possible At top right of the technic launcher you will see 3 bars. Click it and goto Java settings. make sure he has ATLEAST 2 gigs of ram in technic. If he cant he has a 32 bit Java installed and needs 64 bit. If for some reason these do not fix the issue, have him run a virus/malware scan using "eset online scanner" (Its free and rated #1 at the moment). Also have him go into task manager to see how many programs are eating up resources (Chrome being a total ram hog) and have him turn those off, Then run the modpack.
  18. If the modpack is no longer supported they could have deleted the modpack install from dropbox (The way modpacks get installed). If not, then you need to ask the modpack author themselves by going to the modpack itself and discussing the topic
  19. Have you thought about making your own? It's quite fun, but can be time consuming at times with crash reports. You could open a public server for it as well if need be.
  20. I have a few friends who Have a Microsoft account to play MC. I'll point them to these instructions. Thanks Pyker!
  21. Well It might be taking a bit because of the ramifications of legal issues with Microsoft. If they backwards engineer their code in order to add microsoft account support to technic, It is highly possible Microsoft will come after them, and who knows what king of bugs they are trying to hammer out with this new feature they are working on. Also coding games is much different then coding a network based based update.
  22. I am relieved to hear! You guys just take your time perfecting the microsoft login method. And thank you all for the hard work
  23. Made an account just to ask the question, (Even though I've been an avid Technic Modpack creator). If The Migration takes place, will the OG Java accounts still be able to access the pack with the regular login? Or will we also have to migrate to microsoft in order to use the launcher? This question might have been answered before but I might have missed it.
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