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TNT X modpack reborn


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I just tried the About TNT X modpack reborn! it has LITERALLY EVERY TNT YOU CAN THINK OF and more! Dynamite, TNT, NUKES! you know the normal explodey stuffs. But then there's the ones you WON'T think of; like the "heaven's gate" which literally moves the land up into the sky! and below that there's a giant crater! Then there's the revolution, which spawns a TNT above it! then that one spawns 4 more on each side (in front, behind to the left and right). Then that happens with those and so on until the explosion reaches about 500 blocks! Overall a great modpack. I recommend it for YT reviews, and for those of you who need to remove large pieces of land for projects. I recommend you first test these in a separate creative world. Bye for now, from Numjro!

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