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Wierd creepy sounds underground... WTF?


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Hello there

I was playing on my Tekkit Server with my friends and i built myself a huge house.

Now to be able to have electricity i built a cellar ounder it with all the electric crap like Geothermal Generators, MFSU Units, Transformers etc.

Now something REALLY CREEPY happened.

When i was building my lava Tanks lately i heared wirerd random noises, like another player would loot my place. It were sounds of opening and closing chests, of breaking, picking up and placing blocks and of preasure plates. i was confused, i thought i was the only player Online.

i typed in /list and i WAS alone. Noone besides me is logged in. so i gone up to see what the hell was going on. but when i got out of the cellar and entered the house, there was nothing. everything seemed to be just like before, exept for a block that was missing in my wall.

Well, i thought it was an Enderman, so i just replaced the block and gone back to work.

There it was again. Walking noise. A door opening. i stood still, the sounds were still there.

I was terrefied, so i logged off and restarted the game, i thought maybe the sound engine fucked off, happens all the time, but never this extremeley.

I logged back in, made sure that MatMOS is turned OFF, and kept on building. And again! Random noises! I realised that was NOT some kind of bug, but i wasnt able to find out what it was. the sounds seem to come from everywhere simoultaniesley (if you write it like that).

I closed the game for now, i am pretty confused, i dont know what to do, it semms to get worse, the sounds become more i think.

Has this ever happened to you?

What should i do? I wasnt able to take recordings, because im on a pretty old macbook right now.

oh and sorry for my horrible english, im from germany.

Please help me.

UPDATE: I flatted the area with a Terraformer before building my house.

UPDATE: I am trying to re-download Tekkit now... lets hope im gonna be okay

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eh were you on a server and if not you might of had some kind of sound bug um i really do not think its HeroBrine if you are on a server and if you are oped do /ban Herobrine just in case and i don't use periods on purpuse well if you have any trouble if you reinstall the launcher i would quit minecraft

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