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Cannot download Tekkit 3.1.3


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Ok, I have been searching these forums and Googleing endlessly and I cannot find out why I have this problem.

My Technic Launcher doesn't seem to realise that Tekkit 3.1.3 has been relaesed. I've downloded everything from scratch and it still downloads Tekkit 3.1.2. I've checked in the options of the launcher to try and manually select the 3.1.3 build but it does not apear in the drop down box.

Could someone please help me?

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What you need to do in order to force it to download 3.1.3 is:

1. Launch Tekkit

2. Click on 'Options'

3. Tick the 'Manual Selection' box - the dropdown becomes active

4. Scroll up the list until you find '3.1.3 | 1.2.5 | Latest

Hope this helps!


Hang on hang on hang on, it doesn't appear at all, not even if you scroll all the way up? It's normally just about hidden in the list (it shows 3.1.2 and under and just misses out 3.1.3 until you scroll up)

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Ah, good call. I hadn't noticed that there was a scroll bar and 3.1.3 was indeed hidding just above. I suppose the reason why I could never find an answer anywhere else was because the problem never existed. Thank you for your help though (feeling slightly stupid now).

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