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Tekkit 1.1 Does not send BlockPlaceEvent to bukkit

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I been working on tracking down a problem with tekkit, i was wondering if some would could point me to the mod that modifyes itemblock.class

it appears what ever changes it removes the following lines of code which in turn break any bukkit plugin that requires the blockplace event.

CraftBlockState replacedBlockState = CraftBlockState.getBlockState(world, i, j, k);

   BlockPlaceEvent event = CraftEventFactory.callBlockPlaceEvent(world, entityhuman, replacedBlockState, clickedX, clickedY, clickedZ, block);

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This has nothing to do with my problem and I'm very curious as to why the question I had was linked to here. I find this forum to be very unhelpful, in fact, it feels like the mods are more interested in banning me than helping me. You guys are luck my friends want to use this or I'd be telling everybody you're product and product support is bullshit cuz it is. Now you're doing away with things that people love. Good Job. Good Job for doing a fucking shitty job.

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