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Where's that lead ore texture changed? (aka how do I texture technic)


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I'm one of those texture pack artists, except I play tekkit instead of finish any textures, but I was playing the latest builds and ran into some lead, silver, copper and ferrous ore (cool).

Right, so, I distinctly remember my own custom silver/copper ore working in the recommended build, but now it doesn't. I know it's because technic doesn't use Redpower's silver and stuff like that so I had to paste it into the IC terrain textures. I've been poking around the mod folders to try to guess where I paste it now, but I have had no luck so far.

Is there a guide to where I put all these textures? Technicpack has a loooot. I've previously had some luck breaking open Faithful 32x to copy the structure, but that only works if they update faster than me.

By the way, here's my basalt blocks so far


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7.5.1 | 1.4.6. "latest"

but I guess I might be wasting my time doing any work before the Recommended Build comes out?

I'll have to experiment a little with some ideas (will post results if I get them).

edit; ok, they live under \thermalexpansion\gfx\

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