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[1.0.5][Electri-Craft][PvP][Open to all][NO mods removed!]


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Welcome to Electri-craft, We are here to give you the best experience possible when it comes to this new mod-pack called VOLTZ!

Electri-Craft is full of nice admins, with absolutely no banned items! Electri-Craft has NO LAG WHATSOEVER, so you can have the best experience possible, we run on the Recomended build, which is the most recent build now!

I built this server because no other servrer seems good enough, they all have something banned or are just too laggy! Voltz is also, a very new mod, but theres a FLIP with this server, because we have admins who know about voltz, so when you have questions feel free to ask anything! we are always there to help!

So come on in and join us at...

Server rules are simple:

Raid as you please

Pvp as you please

Don't beg for OP

Be nice!


(Yes, we are a HOSTED server!) Which means we are 24/7

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