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[REQ] Vector wrenches from technic banner


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Let me introduce myself first

- I started a thread on bdcraft forums about sphax tekkit patch. It's been there for quite a while so I know what I'm doing :). ME and my friend tama63 (who has created sphax technic patch) want to make a one thread over here for both our packs. That's my story short! :)

Why are your packs unique and deserve to be put up here?

- The tekkit patch is fully complete and technic will be too as soon as I get my hands on it.

So what do you need the wrenches for?

- We decided that we need a banner for the thread. I started making one but I'm missing one single piece ... the wrenches! I really love the technic banner and love the wrenches and therefore I need them for the banner!

Preview of the banner


Links to our threads on bdcraft.net

Tekkit Addon Patch

Technic Addon Patch

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