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Help moving maps


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I used to use MCEdit, which was amazing. What I loved about it was that I could make a huge cube, save it, and load it into a totally new world, and move it to the exact block I wanted to paste it. It didn't matter if mods were in the world, or if they were totally different versions of the game. It worked perfectly.

I also loved that I could delete whole chunks, even the entire world except for a few choice chunks I wanted to keep.

Is there any way to do this at this point? I'm currently using 1.16.2, just because a lot of mods haven't been kept up to newer versions.

I know there is the "structure block", which somehow I was unaware of! But this has a REALLY small scale, like 3x3 chunks, which is nothing. I want to save entire islands, and move them into a new world.

Any help/ideas/mods/etc would be very appreciated! Thanks!

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