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cannot place blocks


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i have downloaded my own server for tekkit lite, and loaded it to its own folder. however when i first came into the world, i could destroy things, however could not place anything (crafting table or even dirt)

i checked in my server properties, and the game mode is 0 (survival)

is there something i am doing wrong?

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You have to adjust the permissions in the ForgeEssentials folder. if you want blanket build permissions just give access to the Default usergroup in the permissions file.

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Ok, Sorry but I am very noobish when it comes to modding. I am having the same problem and I opened my Forge essentials folder using my FTP access for my server, I went to the Permissions folder and there are Permissons.cfg, players.cfg, and groups.cfg inside, I viewed all three but I dont really know what I have to change to allow permission, or which .cfg file I have to change, please help!

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