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Voltz Adventure


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Hello, you may recognize my name from the Technic Questions site. I have created a series (still in a fledgling state) of Voltz videos. It's only been in existence for a little over 2 weeks but we have 4 videos currently and are working on number 5.

For all people interested in the new Voltz modpack, I hope that my series will be a source of helpfulness, information, and maybe some laughs too.

Here is my channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/mikeymoose93?feature=mhee

I play with some personal friends, but would be willing to consider having guests in for provisional cameos, and hey, if you really like us and we really like you maybe we could form a lasting partnership (I would supply details and terms if such a thing were to occur).

There are many channels available for minecraft videos, and I do not have unreachable dreams of making a living like the Yogscast does. But nevertheless, it's fun and I hope to get some feedback from you as to how you like the videos and what we can improve on.


Note: Viewer discretion is advised. Some infrequent to frequent profanity may exist in the videos.

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