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My Friends Can't Connect To My Private Tekkit Server.


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Hey guys

I have recently made a private Tekkit server for me and my friend to play on. I was able to connect to it but he wasn't. We are using Hamachi for the server and I am using a port for it; I tried two ports: 25564 and 12345, these both didn't work. I also tried it without a port but that still didn't work. I am running 64 bit Windows 7 and my Java is 64 bit and up to date.

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When using hamachi, you have to make sure:

1. You are both on the same Hamachi network.

2. Both of you have Hamachi running while on Tekkit.

3. Hamachi isn't being blocked by firewalls.

P.S. Port 25564 should be fine.

All of these are fine. My friends firewall isn't blocking Hamachi because we are able to use a normal Minecraft server.

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