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Tekkit server crashes, 100% CPU & Memory

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Hello guys, Well I run a Tekkit server & I have both 100% CPU and Memory all the time. The first thing I would like is a diagnosis from what the console produces on the crashes which is located below. Also is there any plugins/mods to install that could potentially fix these crashes. My server has 6GB Dedicated RAM & we have 144 player slots and average around 50-80 players.


- Essentials

- TekkitRestrict

- LagMeter

- LogBlock

- WorldEdit

- WorldGuard


- Multiverse-Core

- Multiverse-Portals

- iConomy

- MCBans

- PaidRanks

Console message upon server crash: http://pastebin.com/SjFzGN0c

All feedback will be greatly appreciated.

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I am helping someone with a similar problem. My main recommendation is to either remove Tekkit Restrict entirely, or to disable chunk unloader and inventory throttle. This might fix this problem. You can see my other recommendations for someone who has a similar problem here: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/reached-end-of-stream-read-timed-out-crashing-the-tekkit-paying-5.34423/#post-291039

This is starting to appear more and more, and generally on large servers. Perhaps the amount of players is overloading the server in some way?

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