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[0.5.1]PlatformTekkit[No Lag][35 slots][MystCraft Disabled] [24/7] [Bukkit]


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Brand New Tekkit Lite Server Guys! :)

We are Running BukkitForge which allows Bukkit Plugins to be installed on the server.

We are a No PVP Server with Alot of Fun Building and More.

Working on Adding Factions into the Server if i can get it working.

Just Go Out and Fine a Nice Spot to Build and Start your Adventure!

Rules are Ingame on the Monitor at Spawn.

IP Is platformtekkit.zapto.org

24/7 No Lag

(Shouldn't Be No Lag) :)

Come and Join Us!

(Spawn is 25% Complete, Working on Making Shops and Such with Chestshop Soon and warps.)

Website: platformtekkit.zapto.org (Remove www.)


1/7/13: Added Residence and Core Protect for Griefs, Enabled PVP.

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hey i would like to fill in a ban report i just joined your server for the first time and this guy connbob just start spamming "SUCK MY DICK" i dont know what happened before but i can asure you this is not noob freindly when someone wish to start lite

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