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Fully patched tekkit/technicpack texturpack


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Hello hello guys.

I know ther is people out ther thats locking for texturpack to use and dont know how to get it

well her il relase the newest one

Tekkit addone / Technic addone: *link removed*

The normal one: http://bdcraft.com

Fully patched tekkit:*link removed*

Fully patched technic: *link removed*

find somting thats not patched? comment

Well also if you got crafting tablet 3 and 2 pleace send me so i can add them to the texur

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This service is a spam e-mail collector, please, if you actualy do have this texturepack, please post it on a more reputable hosting site such as mediafire or something of the like.

Also, Microsoft has checked this website with the SmartScreen Filter. It contains Malicious Strings of data. I closed my browser and It almost installed a virus.

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