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Complete Crash


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Note: I would have posted this in the tekkit bug forum but apparently I'm not privileged enough.

Tekkit version: 3.1.3

OS: Windows 7 Home Premium

Java: Version 7 Update 1 64 bit

Playing as SSP

I went to put full stack of glass bottles in the upper slot on the right hand side of a coke oven. As soon as I clicked to place them in the slot, I got a 'saving chucks' message and then an error report flashed on the screen before turning completely white and remaining so.

What's more annoying is that when I log back in then select my world, it loads and then not two seconds later the 'saving chucks' message is displayed and the same thing happens again.

Edit: after leaving the white screen for some time a new window pops up. It is entitled: Java Platform SE binary. The message says: 'Java Platform SE binary has stopped working.' Another window then pops up asking me if I want to send more information about the problem (I don't know who to).

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First off, you are allowed to post in the BUG board. The BUG boards just have a slightly different way to make a post. Look between the stickies and the top of the page and you will see it.

Secondly, logs are almost always helpful when you have a problem. This thread will tell you where they are.

Finally, you might be able to fix your world by using MCEdit to delete the coke oven. Make a backup before attempting anything!

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