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[HELP] "... has left the game" before ever joining

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Hey, Idk if this is in the right forum or if it already exists I couldn't find it though.

So, quite a few times, it will say "playername has left the game" when they never joined before, Idk if they are using the wrong version or are getting errors on trying to join, but the issue is that once they finally join, they don't have the starter kit they were supposed to get with Essentials, and they also spawn on the roof, everyone else who joins fine spawns where they should.

To be clear, many people can join fine, it's just occasionally it does it and then I need to manually give them a starter kit and stuff. Thanks.

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Firstly, there's an eco and they can use the stuff in the kit in energy condensers. Secondly, I have Essentials for 1.2.5. Thirdly, My spawn is like 8 blocks high and there's no glass above. And I don't think they are trying to connect with a normal MC client.

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