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Blocking certain Mods on Tekkit Server

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Hi, I have a 3.1.2/1.2.5(recommended build) Tekkit Server and i was just wondering how i could disable just the Energy condenser and the Transmutation Tablet?

I read a number of threads and all of them had links to other threads which are no longer available for some reason. I looked for quite a bit and i'm sorry if i couldn't find a thread about it.

If i am in the wrong forum for this topic, could someone refer me to it?

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Tekkit restricts 'Noitem' seems bugged I find... Some people can still get the item, despite the plugin and permissions stating the opposite. Now, I do use Tekkitrestrict simply for it's OpenAlc use, but tekkit customizer is a lot more useful when it comes to banning items.

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