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[3.1.2]Larkspur Gaming[PvP][40s][OtherDrops][Essentials][mcMMO][SCS][Limited-EE]


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Online Status:

Online - 24/7 expected uptime

Big changes coming up with ranks, item limits and quests!


After a long downtime we finally have the resources to re-open our Tekkit server, yay!

Larkspur Tekkit aims to bring you all of the uniqueness that our main server has

(within 1.2.5 limitations) but with all of the added features of Tekkit!

All of our plugins are heavily customized, we never just throw the default settings in, what fun would that be?

We have custom mob drops, block drops, and events, and soon to be - Quests/Daily Activities and Custom Crafting recipes to help balance out the limitations we had to put on EE!

Right now we are a small community of players from our main server but we are really hoping to change that, but we need your help to do it!

We are seeking non-trouble-making players to expand our community with, we have zero tolerance for dis-respectfulness so please keep that in mind! We expect everyone players and staff alike to play nicely together and follow the rules!


  • Some blocks have placing limitations on them, Example - Only one Nuke can be placed at a time per player. Do not attempt to get around this blockade, if you do admins are automatically alerted.
  • All known duping bugs have been disabled if you find a new one do not abuse it. You risk being banned if you do.

  • Chat is rated 18+ if you are worried about being offended by something do not join. That being said, racism, homophobic comments and any other form of dis-respectfulness will not be tolerated.

  • Creating anything to specifically hinder server performance will not be tolerated - we have ways to find these machines so do not attempt it. You will be banned from our Tekkit and Main server along with all servers connected to our Main server.

  • Do not log in with hacked clients - staff is alerted when players log in using these, you will be asked to log out.

  • Do not bother staff members if you don't need to - they are not your personal butlers.


NOTE: This list will be changing rapidly over the next few weeks, this list may not be current.

Please see the note below about EE Items and Explosives.

  1. 27592 - Transmutation Tablet
  2. 130 - Transmutation Tablet
  3. 128:1 - Energy Condenser
  4. 4095 - Dimensional Anchor
  5. 214 - World Anchor
  6. 7303 - Anchor Cart
  7. 179 - Teleport Tether

A note about EE Items - All crafting recipes for EE items are disabled, you can still obtain EE items from the global shop and soon you will be able to obtain them from daily activities/quests. Energy Condensers, Collectors, Relays and Transmutation Tablets will remain disabled until we change the EMC values of all items to balance things out a bit. Currently all EE items have a max charge of 30%, all redmatter and dark matter tool abilities are currently turned off too. Gem armor abilities are also off currently. Klein Stars charge amounts of temporarily been reduced to 50% of their normal max.

Crafting recipes for explosives are also off currently, this includes - Dynamite, Itnt, Nukes, and Sticky Dynamite. These items are still obtainable as uncommon/rare drops from Creepers and Ghasts.


  • mcMMO - With our own custom tool, block, armor and treasure configs instead of the pre-made ones floating around
    Nearly all weapons/tools/blocks have been added including Nano, EE, Balkons, Mining Laser, etc. Excavation will yield many new things such as ore dusts, fertilizer, scrap and more.
  • Citizens - Not currently being used as the quests are still being written, when its complete we will use Citizens to implement daily and once per player tasks that will reward the player with EE items and money.
  • Essentials - Self-explanatory, used for basic commands and a few donor perks(multiple homes) Also used for Essentials Eco instead of an economy plugin.
  • RecipeManager - Used to lock crafting of items to certain play ranks as TekkitRestrict and NoItem both have flaws and workarounds for their crafting blocks.
  • PEX - Self-explanatory, our permissions plugin.
  • ShowCaseStandalone - Our main shop plugin, used for the global shops and used for item displays.
  • ChestShop - Not currently in use - will be used in the future for player-owned shops.
  • VoxelSniper - Admin only - Used for landscaping purposes for spawn and future server-wide projects.
  • WorldEdit - See VoxelSniper notes.
  • WorldGuard - Used for spawn protection ONLY, neither players nor staff are allowed to protect their land, this is PvP.
  • OtherDrops - Used for custom mob and block drops and used for custom events.
  • TekkitRestrict - Used to block EE crafting, disabling right click functions, setting custom EMC and EU charge values and much more.
  • NoItem - Used for functions TekkitRestrict lacks.
  • CoreProtect - Used as a secondary log system and for rollback features
  • Factions - Currently being set up
  • Enderdragons+ - Used for auto-spawning enderdragons, custom health, damage and fireball attacks


In-game name:


Favorite Tekkit Activity:

Favorite Food:

Your Timezone:


Spawn - Built by Wicked


Some of our players


Some of the custom loot from Skeletons


What 15 minutes of sand digging can get you


The start of the first official town


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Changelog - Will update daily - this will be more accurate then the banned item list above probably - Change log will only be kept current to the last 5 days on here to reduce post size, check our website for a full change log.

1/7/13 - EE shop prices have been spiked to discourage buying them until the server is public

1/7/13 - Finished mcMMO, all tekkit ores, most tools/weapons/armor and tekkit blocks are added to various skills

1/7/13 - Started adding custom drops to mobs

1/8/13 - Added RecipeManager and RecipeManager 1.2.5Patch

1/8/13 - Re-evaluated and repriced block shop, opened misc item shop

1/9/13 - Started re-write of all tekkit recipes to prepare for new ranks and rank-based crafting/placing of items

1/9/13 - Added NoItem plugin to help fill the gap for things TekkitRestrict can't do

1/9/13 - Disabled crafting for most explosives but added them as semi-rare drops from creepers/ghasts

1/10/13 - Fixed stone brick recipe giving tall grass

1/10/13 - Removed crafting recipe and prevent placing of Crafting Bench MK2(Duplication bug)

1/10/13 - Added Enderdragons+ plugin

1/10/13 - Added some EE drops to Enderdragons and to the Excavation skill

1/10/13 - Made it so Chainsaws can't be repaired(oops) Also added them as a viable tool to Woodcutting and Axe skill

1/10/13 - Removed Mining Lasers from Archery, Mining, Excavation and Woodcutting (Was too OP)

1/10/13 - Crafting Plant Balls now gives a small amount of Herbalism XP(only works with manual crafting in a normal crafting bench)

1/11/13 - Successfully overwrote all normal Tekkit recipes(now to lock them to ranks)

1/11/13 - Fixed Ruby Axes not being craft-able (Oops <.<)

1/11/13 - Repairing items with Covalence Dust now gives a small amount of Repair XP(Only works with manual crafting in a normal crafting bench)

1/11/13 - Changed some of the EE crafting recipes in preparation for quests and ranks.

1/11/13 - Started a blacklist for RP2 Deployers and Block Breakers to prevent them from getting around place limitations and to prevent chest raiding in protected areas

1/11/13 - Added uHome because Essentials is stupid.

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In-game name: Crafterfr33

Age: 16 in april

Favorite Tekkit Activity: Well, I worked out how to have fun with EE without being OP. Yep. The thing is, I gain enough resources to make a portable transmutation tablet, then throw everything away (expect the tablet) and clear the tablet. I go randomly into the wild and start playing again (with the tablet) without aim to get diamonds or DM or RM or any OP thing. I just play RP-like. Yes, I know tablet is disabled, I can understand that (NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO) but I can also have fun with other mods, especially with your plugins.

Favorite Food: In Minecraft: Any meat or bread, also potatoes and mushroom stew :D In real: Umm, I live in Poland and I really like polish meals. Trust me, there are too many traditional meals to list them here :P

Your Timezone: Poland, Europe, +1

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