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Dimming/fading when exiting/entering inventory?


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When you open your inventory, or open a chest, the screen is being dimmed down (like, brightness being lowered slightly). When you exit the inventory/chest, the screen is slowly getting bright again (just like it does when the world first appears, after having loaded a save-game). This is irritating, because it can look like it's evening, until the brightness is up again. It disturbs the atmosphere of the game, in my oppinion!

It's only happening in fullscreen mode. It doesn't happen in Tekkit Classic or Vanilla. I think it has to do with the NEI mod, because if you disable or remove NEI, this behavior goes away.

I have checked all the in-game NEI settings, but I can't see any relevant settings. Anybody else bothered by this? Is there some way this can be corrected?

Thanks in advance, good people. :-)

EDIT: Just found out, it only happens in 'Recipe Mode' and 'Utility Mode'. It does NOT happen in 'Cheat Mode'.. Argh!

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Thanks for the input, but that's not it. ;-)

What you mention is for highlighting the searched item in your inventory. Like if you had an axe in your inventory, and searched for axe, then your axe would be highlighted, but others dimmed out.

I'm talking about the whole screen being faded in and out.

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