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  1. I am going to write some documentation for a mod I am making. Should I put it on CurseForge where both the mod download and the issue tracker is, or should I put it on github where the source is?
  2. I think I know who/what is censoring the guy's comment: The bot. See http://www.reddit.com/r/feedthebeast/comments/1uybqk/newly_registered_reddit_accounts_readme/ If you notice the account with deleted posts is new.
  3. The permissions problems were/are with redistribution. As mod devs can upload the mods to curseforge and host it there (hell, it's the main download link for my own mod), you can grab it directly from there automatically (given the api to get the file URL). It's basically similar to what the ATLauncher would do if you didn't have to click through adf.ly. (actually, you could probably make a one-click install modpack using the ATLauncher without needing permissions if all the mods were from curseforge, because you would be getting each file directly from the mod author) Acutally, because of the conisistency of curseforge, you could actually just write a web page robot to get the download link to any mod on there.
  4. I actually think that a Closed Source Forge would flop completely, since it is mainly thourgh pull requests that it grows. Also, it is important to realise the distinction between ForgeModLoader (maintained by CPW, Lex only has a small role) from Forge itself (Maintained my Lex, CPW only has a small role), although most things past a basic mod is basically all forge. Then there is also that under the new Mojang Terms of Use / EULA, Mojang can actually incorporate Forge into Minecraft if they want to. But trying to sell Mojang a mod from their own game would be seen as both against the terms and a dick move. So I am sure they would not be afaraid to use their lawyers.
  5. I guess they could try and convince Lexmanos that closing the source is a good idea, but they'd have a hard time convincing him. Lots of the value that forge has is because it is open source. If Forge's output files were not moved to CurseForge then it would not be easy to automatically download dependencies. I will admit that the visions are a bit optimistic. The worst I can see happening is: All the large/major/popular mods switch over to Cuseforge, while the small/minor ones still use the forum. FTB turns off their launcher while the Cuse client is a terrible payware app that just barely supports anything other than Windows. FTB users have a mass exodus to other platforms. ...wait, I'm here and I said this would be the worst... FTB users stay, with a launcher that only supports 'official' modpacks. Curse adds ads to the download links so for every mod you download manually you have to click through a possibly misleading, possibly malware ridden adf.ly ad to download it (e.g. in order to put together a modpack). They might also make you have to search for the mod, instead of linking to it directly (you know, to kill AT Launcher) So what are we left with: Something rather similar to what we have now, just with FTB and possibly AT Launcher dead.
  6. How would Curse close the source? The code is posted on github. The developers want it open source, so the most Curse could do is "you can't host here because you have the source open".
  7. I think it is a good idea to create a central way to manage mods (including an easy way to get, say, the latest download link for minecraft version X) instead of the current '1001 ways to publish your mod' (requiring a '1001 ways to download mods' or advice like "just try and follow the links"). I guess the FTB team figured that Curse would be the best to provide such a service. If curseforge provides an API where you can get download links based on info they already have such as: Mod Name Supported minecraft version Release status (alpha, beta, release) then making a 3rd party launcher based on that would be much easier that what you currently have to do. Apart from the people who build the packs having to direct their browsers to a different URL, no. If you include future plans (and hopes) of the Forge team and FTB team, Techinc might be able to automatically detect the mods that require forge and download it if needed. (Using the Techinc platform)
  8. This is an attempt to standardize modding to make it easier. From what I have heard and read it sounds like Curse will be "the place to get mods" and that third party launchers will be able to hook into it. At the moment Curseforge is an attractive place to host mods. It provides a unified place for mods to be. It provides free filehosting to mods in a way that users can easily dowload (e.g. here is a direct link to the latest version of forestry (at time of writing)). This is better than the rabble of methods used by modders currently. As for the platform, is there a way, as a modder, I can host files and use the technic platform as my main distribution method (for everyone, not just those using the platform)? It provides a wiki for me to use to describe my mod and give documentation about it. This is better than the forum posts currently using spoiler tags to try and keep the length down (and where did they put that darn download link?) It provides and actual ticket management system to help manage problems. This is better than just forum posts that have bug reports intermingled with crash reports and (...wait, there's 3 pages of people talking in the thread about other topics) actual (...now where is the next post following up the issue...) conversation about the mod. (now how many problems are actually fixed?) I think the aim of Curseforge was to make it like dev.bukkit.org (which is hosted by Curse), but for minecraft mods instead of bukkit plugins. Note: I have a mod on cuseforge (here it is) and decided to use it before I knew it would give me free premium based on the popularity of my mod.
  9. Well, we already have part of the API already...
  10. It is a partially-to-mostly implemented feature in the dev's version of the mod (not public at the moment). You were probably right when you posted though. So look out for a new version that will probably have the feature implemented.
  11. Have a mystcraft portal to the nether (using portal blocks) flat on the ground under where players spawn, so that they fall into it on spawning.
  12. EDIT: Whoops. I didn't see page 2 and was ninja'd before I posted.
  13. You need to buy minecraft in order to play tekkit. Also, edit the post to remove your email in order to avoid spam.
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