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  1. IGN: Grazazel What do you think about the server: not seen much yet but looks a nice busy server to play on Is there anything we could improve on the server?: Not really got an opinion on changes yet
  2. IGN: Grazazel Age: 39 Time: been playing since before tekkit classic was classic Reason: Been playing ftb alot thought i would get back into tekkit again
  3. IGN: Grazazel Age: 39(yes i am an old fart) Experience with Tekkit: been playing since original tekkit How long you have been playing for: since minecraft was still beta What you are good at (Buildings, etc.): abstract building styles Why you think you would be a good addition to the server: I am friendly, like to help people, hate griefers
  4. is it allowed that someone in your faction steals everything from your faction base and leaves the faction?
  5. is it possible to get it so people can use flint and steel and lava buckets in permissions please as this 1. stops use of the nether and 2. takes out the majority of tinkers construct mod as you cannot power the smeltery
  6. shame although i got a forum account i cannot have a website account
  7. I agree with scottish1900, I have put a fortune 3 enchant on my pick and from 5 diamond blocks I got 18 diamonds and I have found that in the latest version of minecraft that tekkit lite is on that diamonds are more prevalent in caves or in abandoned mineshaft on the surface so to speak
  8. unfortunately there banned on the server so hence the manual transfer which is fine, the prob is how to i get the lava from the pump to fill the empty cells
  9. Hi i have been trying to work out an automated lava cell farm to use on the smp server i play on, but it is doing my head in, not worried about transporting out of nether as can manually move them, can anyone suggest the best method please
  10. What is your Minecraft username? Grazazel How old are you? 38 In what country do you live? UK Will we find a ban record of you on a banlist like for example mcbans.com? No What is your favorite part of Tekkit/Tekkit Lite? used to be combining IC2 and EE so with lite gonna learn new skills What makes you interested in Sweden Tekkit Lite? Looking for a nice friendly place to play
  11. IGN: Grazazel Age: 38 Country: uk Reasons for wanting to join: looking for friendly server Tekkit Experience: been playing tekkit since version 2 been admin on tekkit server before with about 6 months experience Do you have a Mic: Yes Are you able to use Teamspeak?: Yes- but only to listen as normally play late at night Reason or Reasons for wanting to join?:looking for nice place t play
  12. thats why with factories you use tubes not pipes as tubes don't overflow. gonna miss being on the server till it up again as good tekkit servers hard to find, guess i will have to play on skyrim till then or blacklight retribution :(
  13. I think that is why the instructions on first post say backup your world files so if this happens then just copy the backup over to original position
  14. Hi I was wondering if there was a way to make tekkit portable so I can put it on a usb stick and use on diferent computers. I can't install tekkit on the other computers so that not an option. I want it if possible to just plug the usb stick into computer then run immediately to play. Any help would be appreciated thanks
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