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I've played a little with the MFFS myself, so I'll share what I know:

What you'll need to start:

  • An MFFS capacitor (Energy storage and powers the projector)

    • 4 MFFS force energy crystals
    • 1 coal generator
    • 2 basic circuits
    • 2 ender pearls

    [*]An MFFS Projector (Projects the actual Field)

    • 4 Bronze Plate
    • 1 coal generator
    • 3 MFFS focusing matrix's
    • 1 ender pearl

    [*]And to top off the item list:

    • Blank MFFS cards (One per projector that your working)
    • A ready power source to feed into your capacitor
    • Some MFFS upgrades (Distance upgrades, strength upgrades, whatever feeds your fancy)

Now, onto the actual directions.

Place your capacitor down, and set up a power source with a direct feed into it, make sure it's substantial and one that you can keep ontop of. Once set the capacitor should start to show an increase in storage. Place your projector down within range of your capacitor (the range is read off the front of the device, so you'll know what your capable of) and hold an MFFS card in your hand, right click the capacitor to link the card, then right click the projector to instal it. This provides the power, as the capacitor will wirelessly feed power to the projector. Now take and install the type of your choice (sphere, cube, tube, ect.) and upgrades into their respective slots (their color coded, so it's not to hard to figure that much out). Now to activate it, first check the GUI of the projector, in the upper right their is a redstone torch, or if you click it a UE symbol, this changes what activates the projector, if its set to redstone, an active redstone line will power the projector and make the field, and UE will mean hooking up a sepearte line for UE to power it. From there just toy with it and see what works best for you. I hope this helped

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Basic setup, notice the redstone torch in front of the projector and the reading on the capacitor ( I'm not running it on a power supply, cheaped it with an admin card to power it infinitly, but if you hook it up to a battery box, solar panels, ect. it will work) if you remove the torch the field will shut down, allowing you to edit its attributes in the projector


A view of the GUI of the projector


A view of the GUI of the capacitor

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ok now what about the MFFS defense station?

I haven't got nearly as good a grasp on that to try and tell you how to work it, hopefully someone else can.

I just did a quick youtube video on how to do it it will be up in about 5 min ill post the link then

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