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Stuttering lag


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SO i have a tekkit lite server running on my computer, and when i or anyone else goes onto it, the server has wierd lag. the way it lags is that everything seems to update in seconds or something. an example is if i am being followed by a zombie, instead of it following me in a straight line at a steady pace, it goes a little then stops, then goes a little and stops, ect. almost like it is updating and lagging. it does the same with gravel and torches being above a broken block. they stay there for a split second or so, and then they fall. much slower than the old tekkit.

Does anyone else have this problem?

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yes , i do.

4 days now, people shout lagggg laaaaagggggg laggggggg, and im tired of it.... so tired i had to cencor the word lag....

i used to have 2 servers running simultainiously on this same pc with the same internet provider with the same speed, 1 tekkit classic and 1 minecraft both having 6 gb ram dedicated, never any lag..........

now 1 tekkit lite server with 10 gb dedicated and no more normal minecraft server, and all day i hear, lagggggggggg laggggggggg

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