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Adding Custom Mods to Tekkit Lite


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I have heard that you can add custom mods to Tekkit Lite recently and was wondering how I would go about doing so. I'm not sure how differently the process is between normal Minecraft and Tekkit Minecraft as far as adding mods go, plus I would like them to work on a sever as well. There's three mods I am looking to add, and I'm wondering if anyone knows how to go about doing that.

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The last one I want to add is a mod in the Voltz mod pack called ICBM, which adds a variety of explosives to the game. However, I'm not certain it is compatible with Tekkit Lite, unlike the first two mods I mentioned. Can anyone walk me through adding these mods to Tekkit so they work on my server? Thanks!

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Custom mod packs for tekkit. Read up on it. Was a big announcement about it and a video several days ago. It won't be tekkit lite...but will use the tekkit launcher. You can of course add all the tekkit lite mods to your custom pack if you configure it all correctly

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