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[0.5.1]SurvivalTekkit[No_PvP][8 Slots][No Mystcraft]


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UPDATE: I have been forced to switch to a whitelist server due to the overwheming amount of grief and theft. Please see the new thread for details on how to access. http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/0-5-1-rizzlcraft-no_pvp-whitelist-8-slots-no-mystcraft.36100/

Brand new server! Open/no whitelist. All ages welcome!

Whenever I look for a good tekkit lite server, I always seem to have trouble finding one. When I do find one, it is either shut down, or is impossible to play on for one reason or another. I also find that single player tekkit can get boring. Therefore, I have decided to try running a server. I'm hoping that this turns into a place that people want to come back to - both for the play and for the company.

Please be respectful of others so that everyone can have fun. No pvp. No griefing.

•Server IP: Please see the new thread for details.

•Server rules: As stated above: Be respectful, no pvp, no griefing, etc.

•Mods removed/disabled: Mystcraft is effectively disabled due to lag. The descriptive book cannot be crafted, however the rest of mystcraft items can be used for decorative purposes.

•Banned items: None, but please use your common sense.

•Expected uptime: 24/7

As this is a brand new server, there is no theme or style currently. I am going to leave this up to everyone and let the style evolve naturally on its own.

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Rizzl, could you please consider upping the amount of slots to 12 or 16?

Cproo12, my appologies for my slow response....

I'm still feeling out how many slots the server will handle. I think it's better to have fewer slots that give good performance than have too many slots where noone has a good play experience. I will up the number of slots slowly if there is no lag, etc, although it will be a somewhat slow but careful process on my part.

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Due to the overwhelming amount of grief and theft, I have been forced to switch to a whitelist server. I will start a new thread with the updated details.

Can you pre-whitelist me? I would love to play on this server :) Seems fun and can you also white list jakersnaker37? Hes my friend and we love to play on small tekkit servers.


Avorocks, please refer to the new thread for info: http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/0-5-1-rizzlcraft-no_pvp-whitelist-8-slots-no-mystcraft.36100/

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