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Space! Computer controlled adventure map Tekkit Lite


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Another update:

So it appears that the block IDs have changed and I'm really not sure how to fix this.

I'm also pretty sure that this map is now broken for Tekkit. Sorry

I will leave the download link here in case anyone smarter than me wants to try.

Update: Something in Tekkit Lite is preventing command blocks from teleporting. If anyone knows what this is can you let me know. Sorry the map is currently broken for Tekkit Lite. I can only advise just installing Computercraft if you want to play it at the moment.


Nothing goes smoothly in space.

Whilst on a routine delivery mission disaster strikes. You must use your last remaining power to repair your ship.

Fail and be doomed to wander the vacuum forever as another lump of ice...

Space! is a computer controlled puzzle map for Tekkit Lite.


*Please disable Rei's minimap as it will shatter the illusion!

*You can play on any difficulty but this is only for the hunger mechanic. I have noticed the occasional monster spawn when using the Tranquill Grove setting of the holodeck. If this happens please switch to peaceful as there are no weapons or armour.

Youtube trailer:




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The start area of your map appears to be broken, pushing the button at the spawn area does seemingly nothing...

I noticed this too. When I went to go look at the command block, there were some additions onto the /tp command, therefore stopping it from working. So you'll just have to manually teleport yourself there.

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