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  1. Um, Tekkit would render some of Hexxit's features obsolete, and vice versa.
  2. Seems to me this is just a list of mods that should be added to Vanilla MC. Oh, and what Lethosos said.
  3. |Application Form | | Your Game NickName= |FlamingSock | Age= | 13 | Reason why do you want to join this server?= | I was looking for a Tekkit Classic server, but every server wouldn't let you do what you wanted, or required you to donate to use a load of the items. | Experinced in tekkit?Yes or No= | Yes, I've been playing since December, 2012 | Do you swear that you will follow the rules?= | Why, of course!
  4. Now everyone, a moment of silence for the loss of this horribly dramatic user. :<
  5. So, I tried to enter the server through my 'vanilla' client, to see if there was a minigame going on or something like that, and when it told me I needed a bunch of mods to enter, I noticed they were all mods from Hexxit, like Harken Scythes and the Nether/Ender mod. So, I'm assuming you've switched the server to Hexxit temporarily while configurating item ID's? EDIT: Seems like I spelled configurating incorrectly. Oh well.
  6. I don't mind the loss of Redpower at all, but I'd like for Ic2 to stay. Mostly for solar panels, and the tools like the mining laser. Even though the power tool replaces all those tools, it always seems to take up insane amounts of energy.
  7. Well, if this person installed the modpack to AppData, instead of making a folder inside AppData, then the launcher would delete everything in AppData, correct?
  8. You may have also noticed that it hasn't been in every build of Tekkit Lite and Voltz by now. You can install it manually by the way. It's compatible.
  9. To help with that lag, you may want to reduce those 250 player slots. For now 30 should suffice.
  10. Whenever I try to log on to the server, my game crashes. Not to mention for some reason the menu is incredibly laggy for me. Here's the crash report from Minecraft ---- Minecraft Crash Report ---- // You're mean. Time: 5/1/13 1:10 PM Description: Code Chicken Core codechicken.core.NetworkClosedException at codechicken.core.ClientUtils.getServerIP(ClientUtils.java:73) at codechicken.core.ClientUtils.isLocal(ClientUtils.java:87) at codechicken.nei.ClientPacketHandler.handleSMPCheck(ClientPacketHandler.java:107) at codechicken.nei.ClientPacketHandler.handlePacket(ClientPacketHan
  11. Pressing 'O' disables NEI, so you may have hit it by accident. Press it again with your inventory open to enable it again.
  12. Oh, so I'm not the only one. It tells me it failed to download pack from [insertdownloadlinkhere].
  13. Awesome. Thanks for helping me out. By the way, I'm leaving for a campout really soon, and I don't have enough time for the whitelist app, so it'll be a couple days before I have my application up.
  14. Really? Cause I got the account created, I could login and all that. Does it not count me as registered until I activate it with the confirmation e-mail?
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