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I create a very very simple custom mod pack to add to tekkit lite. However, even after I cleared the cache and loaded tekkit lite, it skipped over the custom mod pack load. It said custom mod pack 0% and then the game started. Nothing loaded with the game. I don't know what steps I might be missing, but I tried to follow the video provided by the Technic Team. Something is wrong, I tried using dropbox, both the public folder and the actual website. I think I set the mod pack up the way it is suppose to be done. mods.zip/mods/(ACTUALMOD).zip <-- is this correct?

I would also like to thank the Technic Team for creating such great modpacks for us. I would like to find a way to combine Tekkit Lite and Voltz.

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I do not think Dr Zhark wants people publicly sharing his mod, Or it would be in Tekkit already.

It really was not hard but found its much easier to build the mod pack on client machine than server.

I am successfully built a custom.zip for Mo Creatures.

- went to %appdata%\.techniclauncher\tekkitlite

- Gui pack installed into bin/modpack.jar

- added Additional Mobs and main Mo Creature zip files to mods (DO NOT USE BUKKIT VERSION)

Created a zip file.

added two folders in zip bin and mods

added modpack.jar to bin folder

added the two new zip files to mods folder

Uploaded the new zip file zip file to my web site of my private server.

Users enter the URL with the http:// as custom, pack, have the click clear cache for good measure.

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