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Red Power sorting machine problem. Need help!

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I've been trying to get this to work for hours with no results. I have a 'dump' chest which a transposer will extract the items from which are taken to sorting machines that are have items in them will colours set (as you will see in the pictures.) this items appear to turn the correct colour through their sorting machine and then just ignore the pipe extension with their colour.

Does anyone have any help they can give with the attached pictures. It will be greatly appreciated.

The first image shows the items being extracted.

The second image shows the items arriving to the first sorting machine

The items are meant to be going into the yellow pipe but the third image shows them in the blue

The fourth image shows the sorting machine that is meant to sort the items and turn them yellow and hence go down the yellow pipe.

The fifth image shows the items (you can just see) turning yellow. But they then go past the yellow pipe and go into the blue pipe for some reason.

The final image just shows the power supply for the sorting machines to show that they are powered.

The images didn't upload for some reason. Sorry.

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The images didn't upload for some reason. Sorry.

We kinda need those to help you, but I'll try. make sure there is a valid destination beyond the yellow pipe. As for why it's going into a different coloured tube, I have no idea. That's not suppose to happen. Bug maybe?

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