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Looking for Server Focused Mods (without ForgeBukkit)


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I am trying to completely avoid Bukkit and am looking for ways to:

Lock chests

Protect Server Structures, (Spawn points, NPC towns)

Land protection (from mobs and other players)

Other Things would be nice:

Player shops.


Bank Vault

Its possible Forge Essentials does these things, I just do not know how to do them with it.

Any Suggestions?

So far only Vanilla TekkitLite and Mo Creatures installed.

Also looking for fun compatible mods (running a 8 slot private server)

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As far as I know, this doesn't have any features resembling economy or vault, but you can certainly protect large areas of land like with worldguard and lock chests/single blocks of any time (as in, anything pretty much. Only problem are workaround like using Buildcraft pipes to pump items out of locked chests, but otherwise it works perfectly)


Also (I guess depending on interests :P), the most interesting mod I've stumbled across recently has been MineChem 2. It's been a blast messing with:


Another suggestion would be Ropes+

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