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Need help with minor automation


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I've been watching lots of the tutorial and lets play videos on youtube and i seem to be missing some fundamental things. I got conveyor belts worked out perfectly except the rejector being bugged and you cant tell it what to reject, however my main issue is the hydrogen generator.

I dont want to sit putting buckets in all day, and this relates to a problem with boilers and the steam powered pistons. I cant find a way of transporting liquids and gasses, only way i found was a liquid loader/unloader and tracks, but that is a massive hassle trying to power something with having to have a huge track going around my house. Also there doesnt seem to be any kind of pump i can find, which means i have to draw water for my hydrogen generator by hand with buckets.... am i missing something? whats going on! I also noticed sulphur is missing from world gen but still in game, is it a bug or was it removed?

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