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NEI Enchanting Broken?

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Description of the Issue:

When i try to enchant something in NEI it brings up the transmutation tablet HUD and not the enchanting HUD. Then if i try to use the transmutation it has a error and takes me to the main menu of Minecraft.

What should I do to solve this issue?

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You'll need to go into you .techniclauncher folder for which ever version of the mod you're using (technic or tekkit) and go into the config folder in said mod section. Look for NEI.cfg file, and open it with a text editor. Now change the line to use ID 157 instead of 152 for enchanting table.

#Main configuration of NEI.

#Most of these options can be changed ingame.


#For those who can't help themselves


This is what it should say now. With obviously lock recipe set to false if you're wanting to spawn in items. (not sure if that affects enchanting at all)

Oh, and try using search. I know it can be difficult sometimes to weed through and find the solution to your specific issue. However, I know for a fact this was answered before. Which is the only reason I know this.

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