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[0.5.2]McTownCraft[PvP,PvE][20 Slots][No EE][Towny,GroupManager] What Uranium?


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[0.5.2] McTownCraft [PvP,PvE][20 Slots] [No EE] [Towny] [GroupManager] What Urainium?

We have two servers, We have a Voltz Mass war server At:

and a Tekkit lite server at

We are a Town based server, you must apply to create a town and can apply every 2 weeks for a promotion. The tekkit lite server has a few basic rules, Dont Greif, Dont swear, Dont ask for promotion in the server, dont ask for op/creative/admin rank. You can donate for perks on the server. Its alot of fun and we all are riends on the server. The Voltz server is a Massive war, Its map resets after it is destroyed, We encourage PvP on that server and everyone is for themselves, you can team up with people or go alone but just be careful, the only missles that are banned are the Matter missles, Have fun!

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