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Tekkit Lite Server Build craft error/server crash.


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java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: keepcalm/mods/blockbreak/EventFactory <--- Your problem.

I don't think blockbreak has been updated to 1.4.6/1.4.7 (skimming KeepCalm's forum post for his mods). Though the fact that the server loaded with an outdated mod, if you are in fact using an outdated version, is quite interesting. Would explain why you crashed breaking a block though ;) Looking further down, it looks like a plugin you've got BukkitForge running is the reason for the spam about buildcraft. Not quite sure what that's about though as I've no idea what plugins you're running.

Also, fyi, pastebin.com to post your crash-reports. It takes up 90% of a thread page and is just horrible to sift through that as well as responses people might give (and should everyone that replies quote your report...well, it'd be a mess)

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Hey Thanks guys I got rid of my plugins and the bukkitforge and fixed all the error messages. I later tried downloading the bukkitforge and putting it in again and the server is still running smoothly with no errors. I must have been using an old version. The plugins I was using was, multiverse, gods, world edit, citizens, death chest. All plugins where enabled when errors where occurring accept citizens, it was not working, (Just in case you wanted to know).

Thanks Guys

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