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Are there no small public servers?


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With the weather so bad at the moment and having also suffered a minor injury making it inadvisable to partake in any activities that are rather physical, I have recently begun to watch the Yogscast (a very large group of YouTube users who produce videos of themselves playing a variety of games) build companies in Tekkit. Since I thought it looked really fun, I attempted to host a server and play with my friends online - only to find that my laptop isn't capable of running a server whilst playing on it at the same time. Some friends of a friend have a server, but it isn't very populated and none of them actually want to work as a team. I want to work as teams with people and build up giant factories to produce products and perhaps even have rival companies. I also hate ridiculously large servers because their communities are usually awful. Anyone here beginning a server and up for that or know of a small server that does that? I would look for Tekkit Lite, since it is newer. But I love OptiFine!

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