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[3.1.2]TimeSpaceCraft[PvP/PvE][70 slots][TreeAssist][Essentials][GriefPrevention]


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Welcome to TSC


TSC is a new server that is looking for more mature and advanced

tekkit players to join but we dont mind new players as long as

there not always buging us admins

Hope to see you on TSC.

Lets start off with some photos Of Spawn and Shop regions





Server Rules:

No Spamming




No draining oceans water but u may drain the nethers lava

Banned Items:

DM Pedestal

Nova Catalyst

Nova Cataclysm

ALL Dark Matter Tools

ALL Red Matter Tools

Infernal Armor

Transmutation tablet - both types

Destruction catalyst

Catalytic Lense

Volcanite Amulet

Black Hole Band

Ring of Ignition

Ring of Arcana

Zero Ring

Hyperkinetic Lense

Black Hole Chest

Ender Chest

Watch of Flowing Time



Sticky Dynamite


World Anchor

Dimensional Anchor

Teleport Tether

Mining Lazer

Industrial Alarm

Howler Alarm

Quantumsuit Boots

Quantumsuit Leggings

Quantumsuit Bodyarmor

Quantumsuit Helmet


Cannon Ball


Block Cutter Upgrade

Crystal Chests












Usefull Commands:

/sethome /home /spawn /tpa /tpaccept /mail /sell /balance


By asking for higher ranks it further ruins your chances in the future

Applying for higher ranks:

Players may apply for admin/mod in this layout



Reason for position:

A little bit about yourself

Send email to [email protected]

Hope to see you on the server :)

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Sorry, that was a poor jab at how you have literally disabled everything that makes Tekkit fun. Seriously dude, players won't join unless they feel trusted by you. If shit happens, then you disable these things. Otherwise, you have to trust your Tekkit players that they won't do something crazy.

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Well, the ender chest should be unbanned as it is a key part of some ingenious machinery that can be built, as well as being insanely useful. I would also suggest unbanning quantum armour and the RM and DM tools (except Red morning star, this thing is OP!). I suggest this because these items are something people could work towards. I agree with pretty much everything else but unbanning the transmutation tablet and the destruction catalyst is a good idea as these are useful. With these suggestions, you have given your players both something to work for a degree of trust that means they hopefully won't abuse it, and if a random griefer does get on here, the destruction he could wreak is minimalised

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InGameName: blockguy2

AGE: 13

Reason for position: Desire to help better the server.

A little bit about yourself: Playing Minecraft since Beta 1.2, Tekkit since the beginning, and trying to be helpful to others. Descent builder, although in Tekkit, things come out a bit nicer. I fully understand most, if not all parts of the modpack and would be willing to help others understand.

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InGameName: Craven90

AGE: 22

Reason for position: Im a great builder and leader, I have alot of knowledge with tekkit and willing to help others learn and expand their empires as i have. I'd also like to contribute to the servers overall appearance IE: Cities built, some roads/paths put in to said cities, and overall creations of pure awesome.

A little bit about yourself: Currently active duty military in the USN as a radar technician however, I'm on shore duty atm so I have alot of spare time.

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Okay so i`m applying for mod

In game name: drhobo1337

Age: 13

Reason for applying: I was an admin on a different server and I did a better job as an admin than any other admins so says the server owner. Also i`m a really good builder i HATE fights and can break them up fast I also enforce the rules and force them to follow them. I also Never give out things unless I made them myself and I never break the rules.

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