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Suddenly all my stuff disappeared after I updated spoutcraft


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Hey -- can anyone out there help me?

I have been running Tekkit classic for a long while now and built up a nice big comfy house of MARBLE BLOCKS. Then one day I updated spoutcraft and all my tekkit stuff disappeared. No more marble blocks and dozens of torches hung in the air.

It seems like all I had left at that point was vanillacraft and toomanyitems!!!

Did my tekkit just glitsch? Did I download and apply the wrong update?

Can you save my poor comfy house?


Ilea Fury

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Oh yeah, by the way, when I first saw the popup that asked whether I wanted to update spoutcraft, I said yes and received an"unable to update". It popped up again, I said yes again, same result. It popped up a THIRD time, I said yes again and there was no message this time and I went ahead and logged in.

And then my house. My poor house. Gone. All gone.

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