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Regarding Adding Metallurgy 2 + Block ID Conflicts (Not ID Mismatches!)


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If you're unfamiliar with Metallurgy 2,it adds a large amount of new content from functional items that replace the Macerator early on as well as tons of new armor and weapons, including Nether Ores that have base enchants on the swords crafted them! Although it adds a ridiculous amount of new content, all of it is entirely configurable.

Currently, I'm trying to test out what mods will be added into the Tekkit Lite pack with little-to-no ID conflicts (and hopefully zero changes to the configs distributed with Tekkit Lite) and was pleasantly surprised to learn that Metallurgy 2 is a cake-walk to add! So, the purpose of this post is to inform those that possibly want to add this set of mods into their server.

The link to the minecraft forums post by Shadowclaimer can be found here:





2) IF TL;DR: You should have NO PROBLEM adding METALLURGY 2 CORE + BASE/FANTASY/ENDER/NETHER ORES ADDONS to the default Tekkit Lite pack. This means DRAG AND DROP


-review crash-report generated to locate the ID causing issues

-locate conflicting ID in either of the conflicting mod's configs

-find an unused ID to assign to one of the conflicting items

4) SHOULD YOU ADD M2 AND ANY ADDONS: CONFIGURE, CONFIGURE, CONFIGURE! Not only does Metallurgy 2 add A LOT of ores that displace many of the ores needed for other mods, but it decides to change the levels that Vanilla ores spawn at ("Wth, Diamond spawning at level 127??"). THIS IS CONFIGURABLE AND SHOULD BE DONE BEFORE YOUR WORLD IS GENERATED! Things to look at when configuring M2 for optimal performance with Tekkit Lite:

-Correct Vanilla spawn heights/rates (there is an option to simply stop M2 from editing Vanilla ore spawns, I'll edit the post later about it - It is there, though)

-Take care of duplicate ore spawns (Tin, Copper and anything else that already has a mod generating it by default)

If you were to take a fresh install of Tekkit Lite 0.5.2 and drop Metallurgy 2 + all of the addon mods, your Technic Launcher would crash trying to load when it got to Precious Ores and Utility Ores (Both of these mods are HIGHLY optional. As are the other addons, but these server very little purpose other then introducing the Mint/Electrum/Platinum and 2-3 new TNT types plus the ores to make them - HE TNT usually crashes Java when you look at it detonate, fyi). Because of this, we would have to go into the configs and change a few IDs here and there (which I will get into below) in order to get those two mods working but I'm happy to say that Metallurgy 2 Core/Base/Nether/Fantasy/Ender all are simply drag-n-drop into your mods folder and they should load up fine, with zero complications!

Now, this part is for the addition of Precious Ores and regarding the ID changes that must take place to get it to work (I will link the config for anyone not wishing to do this themselves, but the intention of this is for people who have had confusion over block ID conflicts and how to go about resolving them):

Upon adding the addon Metallurgy 2 - Precious Ores, you'll come across some Block ID conflicts. To be honest, this was really easy to do, the only downside to having to do something like this yourself with the Technic Launcher, is that the Technic Launcher is incredibly slow to kill minecraft. All this means is you're stuck waiting an extra 20-30 seconds for minecraft to decide if it's crashing.

Anyways, let's take a look at this pastebin and see if we can figure out what's up:


You'll notice right away that within the first few lines is the culprit: Block 4092 (which is a great ID to use as an example, as for whatever reason this is the block ID that almost every mod author feels the need to use). It also states the two mods in conflict: The mint item from M2's precious ores shares block ID 4092 with an item from Immibis Core (or related mod, Tube Stuff). So, because Minecraft just won't start with conflicting block IDs and we just happen to want M2 really, really bad, we're going to have to make some changes. Not a big deal, if we were to go into the configs for our Tekkit Lite instance we'll notice that there's a folder for Metallurgy's configs and Immibis' configs. But since we don't want to go messing with a bunch of configs, let's try to stick to Metallurgy 2's: If we enter M2's config folder, we'll see there's a config for each of the corresponding addons (this will be extremely important for world generation, as M2 likes to fool around with that HARD). Pretending we don't already know the exact mod the problem arises from, we would look through each of the configs and once inside, I would suggest using CTRL+F to quickly find the ID that's conflicting (or to figure out whether or not it's in that config to begin with) so that we can start trying different IDs.

Just for the purpose of explaining this, I've posted the section of the Precious Ores config that pertains to this:


Looking at this snippet of Metallurgy 2's Precious Ores config, we can see the IDs we're looking for RIGHT there at the beginning of the file. At this point, you'll just need to change the 4092 to 3092 (I say 3092 because I know it's free, but should you choose a block ID that's conflicting elsewhere, you'll just end up with another crash when loading Tekkit Lite) and just to save time, I can tell you that ID 4094 should be changed to 3094 ;)

Afterwards, save the config and load up Tekkit Lite. If you don't crash and succeed in loading to the menu screen, everything should be A-OKAY (although sometimes there's errors that don't show their hideous face until later)! At this point you can add the edited Metallurgy 2 configs to your server's config folder and drop the M2 mods you'll be using (M2 Core + Base mods is the very minimum you'll need and essential for the other mods to work) into your mods folder.

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I would go so far, that I suggest the technic makers to add M2 it into their Tekkit Lite modpack. And I'm sure they would do it in a smart way , because there are some issues.


-The Crushers are awesome, so you don't have to waste your first IronOres to Furnaces, because you have to make a macerator first.

-The PlatinumChests are awesome because you don't have to waste Diamonds or Iron to get bigger Chests.

-Get Brass for Thermal Expansion without using Tin but Zinc, without a AlloyFurnace

-Another way to get Bronze. Use less Copper but more Tin.

-Get more Pistons out of Iron, when you use Steel.

-Get BlazeRods without defeating Monsters. (There is an Ore for that)

-... other stuff


-The new Furnaces, that are compatible to IC² are way too expensive and only confuse people that are new to IC². (solution: Disable them. Nobody needs them, when IC² is active)

-The WorldGen is so different from the original. I think in one Update they just forgot to add Emeralds. like 10 People on one Server for like 1 month and no one found 1 Emerald. (solution: Maybe enable it only for the Ores that are new for M2.)

-In Late Game pretty much everything is useless in the Fantasy-Pack instead of Celenegil (Because of the Enchanting Value of 50) or Tartarite (good Damage, and Flame-Enchantment). Mithril is quite cool too, but there are just too many metals in my opinion.

-Without a backpack, you can not take all these ores the first time you go into a cave

I think the Maker Shadowclaimer (and his team) is a pretty cool dude. Maybe it's possible to make a special Tekkit-Lite Version of it ;)

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My suggestion is to wait this one out. RebelKeithy has taken over development of Metallurgy 3, and given the highly flexible nature of what the rewrite of the mod is supposed to do, it would solve much of those problems of yours.

In the meantime, you can monkey around with the configuration and try to not need emeralds if you can help it. (I haven't seen much use of it beyond anchors.)

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