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  1. I'm still here. It takes 1-2 years for the situation to deteriorate that far, and already there's people moving to oppose Zumpf and Co. before the Point of No Return even shows up on the radar.
  2. Anyways, it's only been today that temps have actually gone down to cooler weather here in Florida. But we did get snow around Thanksgiving up in Colorado.
  3. You fool! Now the chances of it becoming a runaway Threadzilla has increased exponentially! Or die out quickly. It's a lot like Schrodinger's Cat.
  4. Who said it's dead? *rapidly flicks the switch on the transformer that's still attached to the thread*
  5. I like the idea, I'm just not big on Monster Hunter style games.
  6. That reminds me, I need to look at getting an SNES emulator on my 3DS.
  7. If you watch long enough, you might actually see my father there some day. (He has a second home over on the other side of the Tetons.)
  8. You need a shoehorn, or worse a crowbar. You can NEVER have enough Pokemon!
  9. Actually, that's the best habit to have in regard to art.
  10. Your long son now falls on other pokemon for fun. FOR FUN.
  11. Playing with Sun/Moon starters, I see. Try something with Eggecute--he's gone and mutated now. I'm still laughing at him.
  12. I know of someone who named two Snorlax "FatBoy and "LittleMan."
  13. You have NO idea. On occasion I see 13+ pages.
  14. I liked Ingress, as it wasn't too bad in terms of "points of interest" as node locations. I actually had one of the lakes and a graveyard near me as two such. Too bad it does a number on the battery--I may just go back to being one of the Renagades when I get a new phone. I'd suggest a second, standard magnetic disk drive at 1T and bump down the GFX card to at most a 900Ti; you can even get away with a 560Ti if you really wanted to.
  15. I actually heard of this from the other forums, but yeah... it's bound to happen. That being said; one of the forumites reported that the casino that he works in is apparently considered by PGo as a Gym. See, I like Pokemon, but this is the limit that I go.
  16. Breaking your hype: Your gear will break, and temperature will be a concern.
  17. Not me, I haven't even got started at PvP. Mmm, Octolings...
  18. Hrm. This *might* be a better option regarding Metallurgy, yeah. I dunno, gonna think about it before including it in my pack.
  19. It plays like a pair of intertwined mysteries. Great read. Also, go dig Charlie Stross. Great dry wit.
  20. I've read his Cryptonomicon before. Good read. Right now my nose is in the new Warcraft: Illdan book. More visceral than the other Warcraft books, but it is a great tie-in to Legion as well as what he's been up to in Outland.
  21. Hah. Johnathan Howard's "The Resus Chart". Apparently vampires do exist. (Within the Laundry Files universe, of course.) If you haven't, you should check up on Howard, both the Laundry Files and the Johannes Cabal series are well worth reading for his natural phelmic English nature with a dry, cutting wit that he extrudes.oh-so-well.
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