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minor to major nuclear issues..any thoughts

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so with tekkit lite i began work on a reactor. i noticed that the reactor can no longer directly recieve ice, and while im using the mffs sheilding system. the coolant injector will not push ice into the reactor and no longer has any controls on it. it just has the slots for the coolant and shows current temp. and max temp. the last issue which almost put a new shiny crater into the landscape was the fact that to coolant cells don't seem to actually prevent the build up of heat like in tekkit classic. and even though i shut the reactor down and pulled any uranium from it. its holding temp at 8200. does anyone have any idea how the reactors are supposed to function, at this point im stumped.

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The reactor mechanics have changed drastically since tekkit classic. Some things to note:

  • Ice/snow/water can no longer be used to cool reactors. Water around a reactor does not effect it anymore
  • The reactor does not cool down automatically anymore. You need reactor vents to cool it down.
  • Redstone now turns reactors on intead of turning them off.

Here is a video explaining the changes and new mechanics:

Here is a video explaining the components in a MK1 reactor:

Some reactor designs: http://forum.industrial-craft.net/index.php?page=Thread&threadID=7681

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