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Simple Question: Nether


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I was wondering if there is a way to reset your nether in a server after you had already started it.

At first I was thinking that you could just delete the world_nether folder but came to realize that there wasn't one, or if there is I'm just to blind to see it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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It's the same seed, but it will generate the updated nether ores (if that was what you wanted). It's what I did.

What you can do if you want a NEW nether, is make a new world (perhaps in Creative), create a quick portal and hop in and generate some Nether. Then copypaste that new nether data over to replace your old nether.

I saw this mentioned when googling how to simply regenerate it earlier, it's probably going to be fiddly so do backup your save or just your old nether (simply rename the folder).

How that replaced Nether behaves when you move onto generate new chunks, I don't know.

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I did that before you had even mentioned it, just because it seemed like a reasonable solution. Didn't work lol. I gave up and just decided to keep the nether.

The reason for me wanting to change 'Nethers' is

1.) the fact that I simply wanted to be near a stronghold. I had to travel about 3000 blocks away from my portal to come across one, and I didn't want to trek back that distance with valuables on me.

2.) Since my friend and I had several non legit nukes we blew it to bits. Good fun! :)

That restore of the world was nice since well, reason 2. I play completely legit so this is a real inconvenience for reason 1. Especially since me and my buddy have gotten real far in the Overworld. Oh well, thanks!

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