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The Buffer and sorter jam.


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Sorter Machine Jam

So i have looked at the internet, many problems with the jam but mines is a bit different then them, so i have put a crystal chest next to a sorter (eyes of the sorter looks to the chest) i make the sorter machine so that unknown materials go to uncolored pipe (tried with colors either) but when i add a material to the chest it just makes the machine eat it and wont give it without breaking a pipe or the machine, i put a extractor next to a pipe accidently and the sorter works but every materials go into it, even when i colored the pipe going to the extractor.

Buffer Jam/Not working

After i put something in a buffer the sorting machine does not pick the item, it just ignores it, the hole is looking towards the sorting machine.

Please help guys, just in case you will ask i am using tekkit 3.1.2 (gonna try in 3.1.3)

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