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Add sound per custom zip?


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Hey, i tried to add custom alarm sounds with the custon zip into the folder: resources\newsounds\ic2nuclearControl.

It doesnt work with put in this path and the files in it, and it also doesn't work if i add the sounds to the IC2 mod zip.

Anyone any idea how to do it? cause the ppl like to other sounds :) Not the crazy ones.

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You have to convert the sound file to .ogg like Kiwi says.

I found that you also need to put a low level tone in the background of whatever the sound effect is. This then continues past the end of the sound clip.... I will explain.

I have loads of sound effects (elevators, machines etc) plus about 50 voice effects (reactor on/off, temps etc).

I found that if you just had a clip of the voice for saying for instance 'Core temperature 500 degrees', it would instantly loop the sound as soon as the voice finished saying the text. So it was impossible to just say the text once. I have loads of the alarm modules with each sound clip connected to various computers via multicore cables. You would switch on the alarm module for a set time - Just long enough to say the phrase you wanted.

Leaving a blank sound space at the end of the .ogg file doesn't work. It ignores it and loops the sound immediately.

So I added an industrial sounding low level hum to the background of all my sound files. It hears this and so you can leave a couple of seconds of this background 'hum' at the end of each sound effect.

This gives you time to turn the alarm off again before it repeats the sound effect.

Hope that makes sense!

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Thanks for your reply :) Sounds good, my sounds are made for loop right now.

What i'd like to do, i would add as first, new alarms to the howler alarm.

I converted and downloaded .ogg alarms. I tried to add them like in the tekkitwiki description. But it didn't work, they where not available inside the howler.

Now i was looking into the Config and saw:

general {







So maybe i have to add my added sounds there?

And the other question, do i have to add the sounds to the server and client too?

Cause i tried to add only to my client to test, like in the tekkitwiki description /Ressources/newsounds/ic2nuclearControl Folder.

But like i said, it didn't work. Maybe cause i like to run it on the server, i have to do it another way?

Next question, how can i share this sounds if needed? I tried to add the Path to the Custom Zip, but it didn't copy the sound files to a client.

Thanks =)

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